Gwillim ward is located on the 4th floor of Lanesborough wing. This 32 bedded ward area supports antenatal and postnatal care 24 hours a day. There are 4 private rooms available with 2 of those being en-suite. Single room accommodation is allocated on a needs basis and can not be booked in advance. The ward also has the following facilities:

  • Dedicated feeding room
  • Daily baby clinic – paediatric examination of newborn babies
  • Newborn hearing screening team
  • Nursery Nurses

Patient Experience Trackers (Provide you with opportunity to give feedback on your experiences by answering simple question)

Community Care

The St George’s community midwives cover all of the Wandsworth area and selected sections of Merton. All women who live in Wandsworth have contact with a midwife at home within 24hrs of transfer. Community midwives provide continuation of care following the birth of the baby; in the home or in a community postnatal clinic setting. The community midwives will see mum and baby up to the tenth day following birth, however contact may be extended if mother or baby needs further help or midwifery care.

Community midwives are the ‘all rounders’ providing maternity care in various setting; they provide antenatal care, homebirths and postnatal care. The midwives have strong network links with local GPs, health visitors and children centres.

The aim of the community midwives is to provide care to mother and baby based on their individual needs to assist with the transition to parenthood.

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