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New Beginnings newsletters

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 29 Mar 2019 | Tags: caesarean EBCD Maternity New Beginnings Operative birth teamwork

  co design 1 Co Design 2  Co design has begin – we have met with staff and mums to start work on the two most popular themes from the project: “Improving antenatal information about operative birth” and “Personalising the theatre process”. Watch this space for more details of project …

New Beginnings 🌸🦋- improving the experience of birth in theatre

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 4 May 2022 | Tags: caesarean EBCD gentle caesarean Instrumental delivery New Beginnings operating theatres Operative birth Patients experience Point of Care Foundation

We’re a group of St George’s staff who want to improve the experience of mothers in our maternity department. We’ve been given funding for a project called “New Beginnings” to bring mothers and staff together to make positive changes to the experience of having a baby in an operating theatre. …

Obstetric Anaesthesia

Services at | Updated 1 Feb 2021 | Tags: caesarean epidural feedback Labour Pains Maternity theatres New Beginnings Operative birth Pain relief in labour remifentanil spinal

St George’s Obstetric  Royal College of Anaesthetists ACSA accredited Anaesthetic Service is an innovative, energetic group of anaesthetists responding to the needs of a wide range of women and their needs during childbirth.  Lead Consultant Anaesthetist: Dr Awini Gunasekera. Contact: 0208 725 3317 What we do: We offer both epidural, combined …