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The Breast Service at St George’s Hospital is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team which is based predominantly within the Rose Centre.

The service includes specialist Breast surgeons, Oncology consultants, Plastic surgeons, Radiographers, Pathologists and a wide-ranging nursing CNS team with links to Macmillan.

The Breast symptomatic service is under the Surgical division at St George’s Hospital.

Breast Service List
Anup SharmaBreast Clinical Lead
Alison Gent Macmillan Breast CNS
Alison Woods Macmillan Breast CNS
Anna KirbyOncology Consultant
Catherine ColemanBreast Physician/Genetics Doctor
Charmaine Case Oncology Breast CNS
Charul PatelSenior Radiologist
Chloe CoxDivisional Director of Operations for Surgery
Christina PapadopoulouBreast Nurse Practitioner
Dibyesh BanerjeeBreast Consultant
Doreen MangionOutpatients Matron for Rose Centre
Farida AliConsultant Plastic Surgeon
Joe DiffleyBreast Nurse Practitioner
Jonathan Lohn Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Kathryn LennonGeneral Manager for General Surgery
Laura AssersohnOncology Consultant
Louise WilkinsonBreast/Radiology Programme Director
Mamatha ReddyRadiology Consultant
Muireann KelleherOncology Consultant
Nadine BetambeauBreast Consultant
Val ThomasConsultant Pathologist