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St George’s Auditory Implant Service Team is part of two Research Trials currently:

COACH trial will assess whether a cochlear implant or hearing aids are better at improving speech understanding for adults with severe hearing loss.

Information about COACH Trial


BEARS (Both Ears): BEARS Package is developed to train spatial hearing skills in young people with bilateral cochlear implants. This research will help to optimise and evaluate the BEARS (virtual-reality) application package through a clinical trial.

 Information about BEARS Trial



St George’s Auditory Implant Team and members have been awarded Claire Campbell Outstanding Achievement Award in November 2023 for ‘Going above and beyond to support deaf children to achieve their potential’.

St George’s AIS Team – Outstanding Achievement Award Winner



Helen CullingtonAnn-Marie DickinsonUnai Martinez de EstibarizJoseph BlackabyLisa KennedyKatie McNeill & Sara O’Neill (2024) Cochlear implant referral patterns in the UK suggest a postcode lottery with inequitable access for older adults; results of a pilot audit in five Audiology sites, International Journal of Audiology, DOI: 10.1080/14992027.2023.2298751