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The Gait laboratory offers two clinical services: gait Analysis and functional Electrical Stimulation (FES).

The Gait Analysis service provides a detailed analysis of walking to guide and support clinical interventions including neuro-rehabilitation, orthopaedic surgery, orthotics, prosthetics and spasticity management. The Gait Laboratory also undertakes assessment of upper limb function using standardised tools. Such assessments are usually undertaken to assess the effectiveness of spasticity management and electrical stimulation.

The Functional Electrical stimulation service (FES) provides an assessment of the appropriateness of electrical stimulation as an intervention for patients referred with an upper and / or lower motor deficit of central neurological origin.

Should the assessment be positive stimulation equipment can be provided to the patient, and they (or their carer) will be trained in its correct use. Equipment provision and telephone support by a regular programme of clinical reviews.The services in the laboratory are provided by Physiotherapists and Clinical Scientists.

What we offer:

Gait Analysis is undertaken using a variety of techniques including

  • static examination
  • kinematic, kinetic and video analysis
  • muscle activity using interface electromyography (EMG) technques
  • in shoe pressure measurement

For assessment of upper limb function the following tests are used –

  • Action Research Arm Test
  • Box and Blocks test
  • Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test
  • Nine Hole Peg Test
  • Dynamometry

For the electrical stimulation assessments and reviews we use the techniques and / or tools indicated above as appropriate.

The Gait Laboratory is registered with the Clinical Movement Analysis society (UK and Ireland.) The statement of purpose for the laboratory can be viewed at: CMASlabs