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The pregnancy advisory service can be accessed by women considering a termination of pregnancy. It empowers you to make an informed choice regarding the options available for continuing or ending your pregnancy.

The service can be accessed through MSI Reproductive Choices and you are able to self-refer (0345 872 5503). We also accept referrals for women with health problems and are a complex referral treatment centre.  We offer individualised care to women for treatment up until 23+6 weeks of pregnancy.  You can read more about the clinic in this leaflet: Pregnancy Advisory Clinic

A survey is currently running across South West London to look at women’s experiences of the Pregnancy Advisory Service in the region.  The survey is anonymous and can be accessed here:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TOPS20211

The survey is open until 31 May 2021 and the results will be used to improve the service offered to women in South West London

Within the clinic at St George’s you will be seen by the following members of the multi-professional team:

  • The sonographer will perform an ultrasound scan to see how many weeks pregnant you are, you will not be able to see this unless you request to do so. This is usually performed vaginally.
  • You will be offered the opportunity to talk with the psychotherapist to ensure that you are fully supported in the decision making process, and she will also be able to provide additional on-going support if you feel this is required.
  • The contraceptive nurse will discuss future methods of contraception with you and be able to provide if required your contraception choice. You will also be offered sexual health screening (HIV, Chlamydia, and Syphilis) and this can be performed during the consultation, the results of this will be sent to you after the clinic.
  • The doctor will discuss your reasons for requesting a termination and will confirm that you are sure of this decision. They will also discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment options that are safe for you and you will be asked to complete a consent form to ensure you understand the discussion that has taken place.
  • The nurse will discuss on- going treatment options with you and what is required next. If you have chosen the medical option she will administer the first medications and discuss when and how to complete the treatment at home and the required arrange follow up with you. If you have chosen the surgical option she will complete a pre-operative assessment with you and arrange any additional investigations you may require. If you have chosen the manual vacuum aspiration she will complete a checklist with you and advise when you need to return to have the medication to prepare you for this procedure.
  • You will also be required to have blood taken, we routinely check your blood group and the level of red blood cells, to ensure the treatment we are providing is safe if you have a negative blood group you may also require an additional injection called Anti D to protect you against future pregnancies.
  • You should allow 2-3 hours for the appointment and if we are able to offer you treatment on the day this may take slightly longer, however all of this will be discussed with you when you attend..

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