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The fertility service at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust is a secondary level service offering specialist fertility investigations for women and couples and ovulation induction service.

Lead Consultant 

Geeta Nargund

How can I access the Fertility Service? 

You need a referral from your GP or a referral from your consultant if you are an existing patient attending another service at St George’s Hospital.

What is the pathway for patients attending our fertility service?

  • Initial consultation
  • Relevant blood tests
  • Semen analysis for male partner as applicable
  • Specialist fertility ultrasound scan
  • Fallopian tubal patency test (as applicable)
  • Follow up consultation to discuss test results and plan treatment
  • Counselling if necessary
  • Ovulation induction with monitoring (as applicable)
  • Treatment of relevant hormonal disorders
  • Referral for treatment of other gynecological conditions (as relevant)
  • Referral for NHS funded assisted conception including IVF if eligible for funding

Contact Details 

The departmental secretary is Beatrice Benjamin:


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