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Ophthalmology (eye) services are provided at St George’s Hospital by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Moorfields also provides services for south London residents at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, Nelson Health Centre, Balham Health Centre & Brocklebank Health Centre.

Moorfields is the leading provider of eye health services in the UK and a world-class centre for ophthalmic research and education. It has a reputation, developed over two centuries, for providing the highest quality ophthalmic care.

Moorfields Eye Centre at St George’s Hospital is one of 22 locations in which Moorfields provides services, ensuring that people can get expert eye care closer to where they live and work.

Because of its unique patient case-mix and the number of patients it treats across all its locations, Moorfields is able to sub-divide its eye services into several specialist departments, which allows its clinicians to develop expertise in particular ophthalmic sub-specialties.

Moorfields provides both outpatient appointment and surgery for the following sub-specialty eye services at St George’s:

For treatments for the accessories or anatomical parts attached to the eyeball, such as the eyelids, extraocular muscles, orbit and tear glands

A common eye condition, in which the lens becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision

External disease and corneal
For conditions related to the outside of the eyeball, including the cornea, iris and sclera (the tough outer layer of the eye), especially infective, allergic and auto-immune eye conditions and those requiring corneal grafts to improve vision

General ophthalmology
Treatment for general eye problems, including those that might need referral to one of our more specialist services

For treatments for the signs and symptoms of this common condition, including increased pressure in the eyeball, which can cause gradual loss of sight if left untreated

Medical retina
Provides medical treatments for conditions at the back of the eye, using drugs, eye drops or lasers, and including diabetic screening and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an increasingly common eye condition, especially among older people, in which central vision gradually worsens

Paediatric ophthalmology
Services for children’s eye conditions

Strabismus and neuro-ophthalmology
Treats squints and visual problems related to the nervous system

Provides treatments for conditions at the back of the eye that require surgical interventions, including retinal detachments

Ophthalmology outpatient services are located on the ground floor in Lanesborough Wing at St George’s Hospital with a small number of outpatient procedures and pre- assessment clinics completed on the 5th floor. The day case ward and the eye operating theatres are on the 5th floor of Lanesborough wing in the Duke Elder Eye Unit.

Urgent Care

Moorfields at St George’s Eye Urgent care clinic (UCC) is based on the ground floor of Lanesborough Wing, St George’s University Hospital and is open from 08:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday.

It is not a walk-in clinic and is a referral only service for adults and children that require urgent eye care who are not suitable/eligible for the local CUES service (see below) run by community optometrists. If you have an urgent eye problem, please see your local optometrist, GP or present to A&E.

The on-call ophthalmology service for South West Thames is based at St George’s Hospital and operates after 5pm weekdays, at weekends and on bank holidays.


Primary Eyecare – an urgent eyecare service (CUES) is provided by accredited local optical practices and is a free NHS service for patients registered with a GP in the boroughs of Merton, Sutton, Wandsworth, Richmond and Kingston.

Patients should ring one of the accredited optical practices, for triage (COVID 19 symptoms/risk and urgency). All consultations will be undertaken by video or telephone in the first instance, followed by a face-to face consultation if necessary.

All CUES practices can also be found on the Primary Eyecare Services website.

Contact details

Moorfields services at St George’s Hospital, Queen Mary’s and Nelson.
Tel: 0207 702 5542
Opening hours: 9am – 5pm


Ground floor, Lanesborough Wing, St George’s Hospital
Duke Elder Eye Unit, 5th Floor Lanesborough Wing, St George’s Hospital
Queen Mary’s Hospital
Nelson Health Centre

Key staff

Will Tucker – Divisional Director & Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields South
Zoe Marjoram – Divisional Manager, Moorfields South
Christos Tsounis – Divisional Head of Nursing, Moorfields South
Christine Real – Matron, Moorfields, St George’s
Angela Rees – Clinical Director & Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields St George’s
Tom Akins – Assistant Divisional Manager, Moorfields St George’s
Wale Sanni – Ward Manager, Moorfields St George’s
Ruel Villaflores – Theatre Manager, Moorfields St George’s
Mady Bucay – Outpatient Sister, Moorfields St George’s
Hussain Khambati – Lead Optometrist, Moorfields South
Jay Khistria – Lead Orthoptist, Moorfields South
Michael Tabi – Lead Pharmacist, Moorfields South
Zain Mohammed – Primary care relationship manager, Moorfields South

Sub-specialty Consultant List

Sarah Osborne
Jimmy Uddin
Pari Shams
Kaveh Vadhani

Medical Retina/Uveitis
Angela Rees
Will Tucker
Ranjan Rajendram
Dhanes Thomas
Cathy Egan
Simona Esposti

Romesh Angunawela
Nicola Lau
Alfonso Perez
Su-Yin Koay

Mahi Muqit
Rabia Bourkiza

Amanjeet Sandhu
Poornima Rai
Kuang Hu
Parham Azarbod
Eleni Nikita
Nadeem Ali
Emmanuel De Carvalho

Lloyd Bender
Alison Davis
Anne-Marie Hinds