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BSH guidelines Acute Chest Syndrome SCD 2016

BSH guidelines Hydroxycarbamide in SCD – Children and Adults

BSH Red Cell Transfusion SCD part 1 principles and laboratory aspects 2016

BSH Red Cell Transfusion SCD part 2 indications for transfusion 2016

SCDT guidelines hydroxycarbamide Feb 2019

SCS Standards for the Care of Adults with SCD 2018

SGH Adult Blood Tranfusion Policy

SGH Annual Review Proforma – SCD

SGH guidelines Perioperativemanagement Feb 2019

SGH Guidelines Pregnancy

SGH guidelines Spirometry in sickle cell crisis Feb 2019

SGH guidelines Transfusion and iron overload in SCD and thalassaemia Feb 2019

SGH Violence and Aggression Policy July-2019

SGH_HN502a_guidelines Outpatient monitoring SCD and thalassaemia

SGH_HN506a_guidelines Acute complications of SCD

SGH_HN506b_guidelines Acute complications of thalassaemia

SGH_HN508a_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD- Renal Disease

SGH_HN508b_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Othopaedic AVN

SGH_HN508c_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Ophthalmology

SGH_HN508d_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Cardiac and Respiratory


SGH_HN508f_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Endocrine and Rheumatology

SGH_HN508g_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Neurological

SGH_HN508h_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Chronic Pain

SGH_HN508i_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Liver disease

SGH_HN508x_guidelines Chronic complications of SCD – Urology

SHG Thalassaemia annual review Proforma

Sickle Cell Retinopathy Clinic Referral Form

TIF guidelines for the management of Transfusion Dependent Thalassaemia 2014

UKTS adults and children with thalassaemia guidelines 2016