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People with sickle cell disease can often experience chronic (long term) pain between crises. If you think this applies to you, then The Red Cell Pain Management Service is here to support you. We are currently offering many of our services remotely via telephone and video sessions – please do contact us for more information.

How we can help:

Sickle Cell Pain Management Workshop

  • Learn more about what happens in the body when pain does not go away, and some ideas about what might help
  • Hosted by a Clinical Psychologist, Specialist Physiotherapist and Consultant Haematologist

Eye opener, help me to understand what happens in my body, how to deal with pain outside medication

Individual Appointments

    • One to one support to learn ways to reduce the effect of pain on your life
    • Psychology: impact of pain on your mood, your relationships
    • Physiotherapy: pacing, stretching, confidence with moving

“Understanding the difference between chronic and acute pain. Learning that stress could have an effect on my pain. Learning to cope with stress. It’s ok to put myself first sometimes.“

‘Circulate’ – a weekly Exercise Group

    • Monday at 11.00am-12.00pm
    • Safely enjoy the benefits of exercise in a supportive group
    • Led by a Specialist Physiotherapist

“Pacing most activities to suit my body, taking into account levels of pain and energy. Taking smaller goals to gradually build towards a bigger life goal.”

‘Breaking the Cycle’ – an 8 week Pain Management Programme

    • Learn new ways to manage your pain and reduce its effect on your life
    • Join a group of people living with sickle cell pain and learn from each other in a supportive environment
    • Meet one day a week for 8 weeks with ongoing support afterwards

“The programme provided a combination of insightful topics as well as a group of sufferers to discuss with. This led to a better understanding of pain as well as feeling that you are not alone in dealing with the suffering of sickle cell pain”

The Sickle Cell Pain Clinic

    • Led by a Consultant in Pain Medicine (Dr Oliver Seyfried)
    • Discuss different treatment options for your pain
    • Every month at the Phoenix Centre

“It was very helpful especially if you were unclear about what medications suit you”