Car Parking Concessions Policy

Who is exempt from car parking charges?

  • Police and Prison Service
  • Volunteer Ambulance Car Drivers
  • Disabled blue badge holders
  • Volunteers
  • Renal patients attending for dialysis
  • Bereaved relatives
  • Interpreters

Who is eligible for a Weekly permit?

£10 weekly permits are available for those with:

  • Next of kin (one per patient) of patients on ICU or any paediatric ward
  • Patients having transplants or chemotherapy
  • Next of kin (one per patient) of any inpatient

Daily rate of £8 (fixed), who qualifies?

  • Partners of women in labour
  • Parents of children undergoing paediatric day care within the hospital
  • Emergency cases whereby patients are on-site much longer than anticipated because their medical condition deteriorates. This covers the next of kin if applicable.
  • College lecturers
  • Guest speakers at Conferences/Eduction Centre
  • Next of kin of patient that is called to site as a result of clinical deterioration
  • Patients attending Outpatient and Emergency departments who are delayed over 4 hours.

If a patient fits into one of the above categories, what do I do?

  • Trust Staff fill in patient/visitors application form
  • Trust staff complete type of concession
  • Trust staff add budget code
  • Obtain signature
  • Patient to take for to Security.
  • If a patient or a relative is requesting a £10 concession form (PDF), they can ask for a form from the ward the patient will be staying on. The form will be completed and has to be signed by the ward along with a budget code before being taken to the security office for validation as per the Quick Guide to concessions policy (PDF).