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The Hepatology clinical assessment service (CAS) is our service in which your referral is assessed by one of the consultant specialists in the liver, pancreas and biliary system, with aim of streamlining your patient journey. Based on the information provided by the referring doctor or nurse, we will arrange investigations or tests we feel would be necessary before your first appointment with us, such that when you see us, we have more information available to facilitate a more rapid diagnosis and management plan.

The Hepatology CAS appointment is a virtual appointment in which the consultant, CAS specialist nurse and patient co-ordinator sit together to review your referral, case records and arrange tests. This is not an actual appointment which you need to attend. Once we have reviewed your referral, our CAS nurse or patient co-ordinator will contact you either by post or telephone to let you know our initial plan. In some instances, we may contact your GP either for more information, or occasionally, we may feel the referral is better directed to another hospital service or department.

For more information on our Hepatology CAS service, please see our patient information leaflet.