As part of our series of interviews with the Trust’s governors, we spoke with Nasir Akhtar.

Nasir represents the borough of Merton and was elected in January 2020.

Why were you interested in becoming a governor? 

“I was interested in the role as I have been using the Trust services for many years and my friends and close relatives have also benefited from it. Hence, I felt that this was an opportunity to contribute towards shaping the future of these services.

“For us as governors, it’s really important that we interact with the public and take on their views to ensure that the work we are doing and the future picture that we are helping paint for the Trust is closely aligned with the needs of the local community.”

Since becoming a governor, what has been a highlight for you?

“The Trust has an excellent leadership team together with dedicated staff and their commitment to working under extremely difficult conditions was demonstrated recently during the Covid-19 pandemic. The team are looking to continuously improve and it’s our role as governors to support them.”

Governor elections are taking place soon – why would you encourage someone to become a governor? 

“We have elections coming up in November and I would strongly encourage you to participate if you are considering becoming a governor. The Trust itself has potential for innovation and developing new services and this is an excellent opportunity to participate in its future.”

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