Wandsworth services, support and other organisations

This section contains information and links to a number of websites that are relevant to people living with physical disability within this borough. The first section links to the Wandsworth social services for the departments of social work and occupational therapy. Following on are sections related to work, volunteering, travel, leisure, education, support and advice.

If you have any queries or feedback about the Wandsworth Multiple Sclerosis Resource please email  stgh-tr.wandsworthcnt@nhs.net


  1. Services and organisations
  2. On-line chat and meeting up; relationships
  3. Exercise, activities and swimming
  4. Employment and learning
  5. Travel and transport

1. Services and organisations

Wandsworth Social Services:

Wandsworth Social work or Social Services Occupational Therapy:

Adult Social care from Wandsworth Council

Contact the Access team:

Telephone:020 88717707

Email: accessteam@wandsworth.gov.uk

Adult Care Information Service (ACIS): provides information and help to adults who have difficulty with everyday things. Find local services using our directory below, or visit the ‘help from adult social services’ pages to find out how we help people with care and support needs.

Care4me: is a new community directory for organisations in Wandsworth. It provides a free web directory of local care and self-help services for both health professionals and the general public. 020 8875 2846

Wandsworth Wellbeing: A new short term floating support service for older people aged over 55 to help them retain their independence at home. Working in partnership with Wandsworth Council – the service is active from August 17 2015 and more information is available from tel 07734963410

Housing: Wandsworth Housing Department, 17-27 Garratt Lane, SW18 4AE Housing department: 020 8871 6000

Contact Wandsworth Housing


Our small, dedicated team, based in Battersea (close to Clapham Junction Station), is here to give independent advice to residents of the London Borough of Wandsworth about benefits and services available to people with disabilities and the relatives and friends who care for them.

We offer telephone advice, home visits or office interviews.

Tel: 020 7078 7306

Email: info@dascas.org.uk

Address: 64, Altenburg Gardens, London SW11 1JL

Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureau

Wandsworth Carers Centre

Young people’s group

MS Society Wandsworth branch:


Call Mrs Jeanette Wood on 020 8874 4373

Or Mrs Liz Sines on 020 88769 0467

This organisation provides help and advice for people with MS and their carers. If you would like support or advice or are able to volunteer then please do make contact.

The Wandsworth Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society runs a monthly social meeting, which is held on the 4th Thursday of the month (except December) in the Fitzjohn Room of the Earlsfield Library, Madgalen Road, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. All are welcome to attend and enjoy a cup of tea, cakes, card games, conversation and quizzes. There is also a yoga class.

There is no charge for local membership but £5 annual membership of the National group is encouraged as this provides the local branch with much needed funds. The local branch produces a newsletter and sometimes holds special events.

Wandsworth Self-management service and Expert Patient Programme

Tel: 020 8812 6750

Email: expertpatients@wandsworthccg.nhs.uk


‘Self-management means that you don’t have to manage alone without any support; it is not a replacement for your health services. It is about encouraging you through building on your skills, knowledge and confidence, taking a more active role in managing your health and understanding your condition. It helps people to make more informed choices about how and when to getdifferent kinds of support’.

What is Wandsworth Self-Management Service?

  • Support service for people living with long-term health conditions
  • Expert Patients Programme
  • New Beginnings mental health course 
  • Looking After Me course for carers
  • An information point about additional services provided by charities, self-help groups and voluntary organisations in Wandsworth

Multiple Sclerosis Society

‘We’re fighting to improve treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives. And with your support, we’re funding research to help beat MS for goo.’

Multiple Sclerosis Trust

The MS Trust is dedicated to making life better for people living with multiple sclerosis by providing free information to everyone affected by MS and by supporting the health professionals who work with multiple sclerosis.’

‘MS-UK is a charity dedicated to providing advice, information and support to anyone affected by multiple sclerosis; that means families, carers, health professionals, friends and colleagues as well as the person with MS’

MS Therapy Centre

Bradbury House, The Mount, Lloyd Av, Coulsdon CR5 2QS 020 8660 1181

Every week we help up to 100 local people with MS by providing a range of therapies, including physiotherapy, massage and exercise, to help them manage their condition and maintain their independence.

Turn 2 us charity

Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. Type in postcode, age and gender to get a list of grants available in their area.


Royal National Institute of Blind People Offers information and support for people with sight problems.

105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE

Helpline: 0303 123 9999 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

Thomas Pocklington

The Thomas Pocklington Trust offers people who are blind or have sight loss the support they require to lead an independent life, based on their individual requirements.

 Head office: Pier House 90 Strand on the Green London W4 3NN
Tel: 020 8995 0880 Fax: 020 8987 9965 Email: info@pocklington-trust.org.uk

2. On-line chat and meeting up

My Spirited Friends

My Spirited Friends a social group created for people under the age of forty who have MS and their carers, friends, partners, family members or anyone else you would like to bring, who want to have a social gathering and to meet regularly in the London area. The group was set up in October of 2007 and since the My Spirited Friends creation, the social gatherings have gone from strength to strength with people from all over London and even outside of the city meeting up and having a good time’

Email: myspiritedfriends@hotmail.com


Shift.ms was launched in 2009 by George Pepper and Freddie Yauner, following George’s diagnosis with MS at the age of 22. MS is the most commonly diagnosed neurological condition in people in their 20s and 30s in the UK. Despite this, George found it difficult to find other MSers of his age, even online. This frustration led him to set up a website, where MSers could meet and share experiences. This later became www.shift.ms.

Shift.ms is a social network for people with multiple sclerosis. We aim to create a positive, enabling community which empowers MSers to acknowledge their MS, rethink how to achieve their ambitions and get on with their lives.

To achieve our aim, we focus on three areas

  • Reducing isolation and increasing social support for MSers
  • Helping MSers to acknowledge and actively manage their condition
  • Creating a self-sustaining community organisation, run by its members

Today we have over 7,000 members worldwide. We’re a registered UK charity. Our registered charity number is 1117194.

Tulips n’Roses 

support Group for Young People with MS , Richmond area.

Jooly’s joint

online chat and support for people with MS.

Information on relationships, sex and disability

  •  http://www.mstrust.org.uk/shop/products.jsp?catid=47 The MS Trust is a UK charity, one of our main objectives is to supply information to people affected by MS. We are able to do this free of charge thanks mainly to the generosity of the UK public. Books and leaflets on family and relationships.
  • Sex and Disability Helpline 0707 499 3527 11am-7pm weekdays
  • http://www.relate.org.uk/ Relate offer counselling services for every type of relationship nationwide. We provide advice on marriage, LGBT issues, divorce and parenting
  • http://www.marriagecare.org.uk/ specialises in helping couples – married or not – build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, and in providing support in times of relationship difficulty
  • http://someonelikeme.ca/toolbox/emotional/intimacy-sexuality-and-ms/ Canadian website around sex and relationships in MS
  • http://www.sexualrespect.com/ A website for health and social care professionals to feel more comfortable around initiating conversations around sex and relationships. Has handouts, film, further contact points.
  • http://www.shada.org.uk/ SHADA was formed in 2005 by the Outsiders Trust http://www.outsiders.org.uk/ to bring together professionals who work with disabled people. We share our work and empower each other to support disabled people in their sex and relationship needs.

3. Exercise, activities and swimming

Wandsworth Active Lifestyles

Wandsworth Exercise on referral Service

Wandsworth Borough Leisure Centres and Sports, Activities

The Bader Gym at Queen Mary’s Hospital 

Roehampton SW15 5PN

‘All new clients receive a full induction after which they can use the facilities during any of the designated open sessions’.

Open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 21:00 but the gym is closed at various times throughout the day. Please call 020 8487 6040 for further information on the opening times, cost and to discuss equipment that is available.

Yoga at the Wandsworth MS branch meetings at Earlsfield Library the last Thursday of each month 2-4pm.

Tel: Mrs Jeanette Wood on 020 8874 4373 or Mrs Liz Sines on 020 88769 0467 for information.

MS Therapy Centre

Bradbury House, the Mount, Lloyd Av, Coulsdon CR5 2QS Tel: 020 8660 1181

‘At the Sutton and Croydon Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre we firmly believe that exercise, under the supervision of a neurological physiotherapist, is the key to successfully managing your MS. Our staff encourage a proactive, informed attitude to the problems associated with MS, making the most of people’s abilities by showing them how they can keep active and prevent unnecessary secondary complications The positive, supportive atmosphere of our Centre provides a place where you can enjoy social contact with other people in a similar situation, whilst learning how to take some control of your MS.’

Wandsworth Community Neuro Team Physiotherapy led exercise class:

Contact Wandsworth Community Neuro Team at St John’s Therapy Centre to discuss referral.

Tel: 020 8812 4060

Randall Close Day Centre

Randall Close, London SW11 3TG Tel: 020 7223 0350

‘Randall Close resource centre is a lively, inviting place where people with physical disabilities can meet friends, have fun and achieve things together.

We are based in a single-storey building which is fully accessible and equipped for specialist support. We have many activity rooms and a wide range of facilities. The      centre is open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm’.


Wandsworth borough pools

Wandsworth venues by sport, activity or facility – They all have pool staff who can offer guidance about safe access to the water.

Pimlico Puffins Swimming Club

Queen Mothers Sports Centre Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1V 1EL, close to Victoria station, every Monday night at 7.45pm (except bank holidays)

Spartans Swimming Club 

Malden Centre, Blagdon Road, New Malden, KT3 4TA Hilary Young Tel: 020 8941 3255  or by spartan.swimclub@hotmail.co.uk

Thursdays 6.30-8.00pm

Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool

Tel 020 8977 9911

 ‘Sessions at the Hydrotherapy Pool are for people with rehabilitation and special needs only’.

St George’s Hospital evening hydro pool

Tel: 020 8725 3018 Evening hydro sessions are £4.50 for 30mins on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Clients must have previous hydro experience and an exercise plan set by a physio. Can refer to neuro PT for hydro: phone to discuss.

Richmond Back Pain Group

We are a voluntary self help group which organises hydrotherapy classes and pilates classes on a weekly basis.We also offer advice and support for people with back pain and joint problems and provide opportunites to share with one another at social events.’ 

020 8979 7626 /020 8894 0912


Hook Swimming School & Aqua Centre

Tel: 020 8397 7731

Orchard Rd, Hook, KT9 1AJ

Private tuition and are happy to take someone with a neuro diagnosis for 1:1 sessions.

4. Employment and learning

Disability employment advisers (DEA)

Job Centre plus

The advisers are usually based in Job Centre Plus offices and can provide specialist advice about employment issues eg advising you and your employer or identifying training if required. They can talk about the Access to Work scheme through which you may be eligible for help with transport, a support worker, provision of equipment and other ways to help you in the workplace.

Vocational Rehabilitation

MS factsheet 

Wandsworth Community Neuro Team offer a multi-disciplinary approach to vocational rehabilitation for those in work, wishing to return to existing work or seeking new employment. This can involve 1:1 rehabilitation, advice or direct liaison with employer

Community Neuro-rehabilitation Therapy

Wolfson Vocational Rehabilitation Service Offer 1:1 and group therapy.

Volunteering in Wandsworth

MS Society publications


U can do it

‘U Can Do IT teaches disabled people computer and internet skills. The organisation aims to combat social exclusion, promote independent living, enhance social, educational and employment opportunities and to increase pleasure and quality of life’.

Ability net

‘Ability net is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology’.

Reading and learning

Housebound learners project

Tel: 020 7228 2752

Listening books

Tel: 020 7407 9417

Wandsworth library service 

Tel: 020 8871 6000

Housebound library service

Tel: 020 8871 6350

5.Travel and transport

TfL Accessibility

Email: tflaccessibility@tfl.gov.uk

Phone: 0343 222 1234

Text-phone: 0800 112 3456

Blue Badges

Wandsworth Council website resources

Tel: 020 8871 8871

Taxi card

Taxi card in Wandsworth

Tel: 020 8871 8237/8239

Dial a Ride

Email DAR@tfl.gov.uk

Phone: 0343 222 7777 / Fax: 020 7394 5218

Address: PO Box 68799,London SE1P 4RD

Wandsworth Community Travel – Tel: 020 8672 7460

Wandsworth Shopmobility – Tel: 020 8875 9585


Queen Elizabeth Foundation for driving assessment, car adaptations and powered wheelchairs and scooters:

Metcalfe Avenue, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 4A


Tel: 020 8770 1151 / Email: mobility@qef.org.u

‘Offers practical advice, assessment and training for those wishing to drive or increase their mobility through assistive technology, personal mobility vehicles and adapted cars’.


Understanding the scheme