Nuclear medicine services

St George’s Medical Technology provides support to all types of clinical nuclear medicine applications, covering gamma camera, SPECT/CT and PET/CT technologies. As a formal medical physics expert (MPE) we work with medical, radiographic and technical staff to meet the requirements of ARSAC, IRMER and the HSE, with radiation protection services delivered by our radiological protection centre (RPC).

Radioisotope therapy services can also be provided, from legislative and setup aspects through to delivery of treatment to the patient. Experienced clinical scientists also support the optimisation of procedures under IRMER and research applications.

The team also makes contributions to the planning of major capital equipment replacement, or establishment of new services, including the production of specifications, evaluation and acceptance testing and commissioning.

The nuclear medicine team works closely with the RPC to provide a fully integrated service for nuclear medicine clinical applications and safety combined.


For further information about nuclear medicine services at St George’s Healthcare contact Andy Irwin on 020 8725 1469 or