Supported Return to Training Course 2024-2025

This course is designed for trainees whom have been out of training for three months of more and is ideally taken in the month before or after returning to training.

The course runs twice a year at St Georges’ and twice per year at Kingston Hospital and trainees can attend either course depending on the time of return.

The course is designed to help trainees feel more prepared for their return to work by providing:

  • Updates for clinical practice
  • Clinical skills session
  • Actor-based communication skills simulations, covering a range of topics which will be tailored to the participants
  • Well-being session
  • Opportunities to meet and network with other trainees whom have taken time out of training.

Dates for courses are:

  • 28/11/2024 – St George’s Hospital
  • 21/05/2025 – St George’s Hospital

If you would like to book onto a course, please contact

Feedback from previous candidates:

I really enjoyed yesterday and left feeling more optimistic and confident about coming back to medicine.’

‘The content, delivery and pace were pitched so well for me as a late returnee and I left feeling exciting about the next steps I have to take.’