Before you start…

1.SMART Cards & MAST e-Assessments:

Please click here and complete your iClip Training and Core MAST e-Assessments.

When you enrol/self-register to iLearn please chose “Junior DoctorsUser type so your account will be linked to Induction site.

We encourage everyone to complete their iClip Training before Medical Induction so on your Induction day we can make sure that e.g. your Smart Card is ready for use. If you will manage to do it, please claim your 4hrs back in lieu via your Service Manager.

Core MAST e-Assessments should be completed within a first month of starting of employment and you will have time allocated in your Rota to complete these MAST modules.

*Prior Mast Training you have completed at your current trust can potentially be transferred to St George’s. Please email records of prior mast training to and we will update training records for any valid, in-date training we receive.


2. Occupational Health Questionnaire:

If you have not completed your Health Questionnaire (below) yet, please do this asap and forward it to

Blank HQ Word


3. Resuscitation:

All Junior Doctors MUST have the necessary resuscitation training to commence clinical work at St George’s. It is vital you provide confirmation of your existing compliance or book onto the first available course after your medical induction.

We will keep in touch with you to ensure your training record is updated to show existing compliance as soon as possible and/or that required resuscitation training is scheduled

  • Already compliant? Please email confirmation to . Please state your name, GMC number, level and date of training, for example Dr Joe Jones, 0000000, ALS 1/9/2023;
  • Not compliant? The trust has a number of training sessions scheduled, following your induction.  Please visit the Resus station during the induction and the team will book you on. Note: Management are aware of this mandatory process and you will be released to attend;