Before you start…

Before you start date, there are two areas of “essential” training you should be completing:

1.iClip Simulation training:

  • iClip is the main patient administration system. iClip Training must be completed and evidenced before you are able to obtain your Registration Authority (RA Card) and gain access to the system.
  • All simulations across the four areas need to be completed.

2.Mandatory and Statutory Training (Mast)

  • Standard core skills/topics required of all staff working in NHS
  • These eAssessments and content can be accessed from any web-enabled device: phone, tablet, PC or Mac, anytime/anyplace if you have an internet connection.

In order to access and complete your training please follow the bellow points:

Step 1 – Obtain your ID number:

Step 2 – Access and complete the eAssessments/Materials:

  • Using your profile ID log in via
  • Then click on the “Access E-Assessment” block and then either “Mandatory and Statutory Training (MAST) or “iClip Simulations – Junior Doctors” which ever you are trying to complete
  • The topics will appear
  • Select a topic and complete the assessment or simulation

Any queries regarding your SMART card, please contact the IClip team on:

Any queries regarding MAST mandatory assessments please contact the MAST team:

************************************************************************************ Resuscitation:

All Junior Doctors MUST have the necessary resuscitation training to commence clinical work at St George’s. It is vital you provide confirmation of your existing compliance or book onto the first available course after your medical induction.

  • Already compliant? Please email confirmation to  Please state your name, GMC number, level and date of training, for example Dr Joe Jones, 0000000, ALS 1/2/2020
  • Not compliant? The trust has a number of training sessions scheduled, following your induction.  Please email the Resus team and ask the team to book you on 1st available session. Note: Management are aware of this mandatory process and you will be released to attend