Communication from SGH/PGME Team


All doctors are expected to complete COVID Risk Assessment form and submit to your line manager/supervisor for review and sign off. Please note that this must be completed within one week of commencing in post.

By you completing this form, it’s a way of ensuring we, as an organisation, are fairly and equitably assessing and addressing the needs of all staff in relation to Covid-19, whatever your background, or role.

What does the risk-assessment involve?

The risk-assessment needs to be completed by staff in conjunction with their line manager/supervisor.

This information will be treated confidentially and sensitively, and be used to help us assess:

–          What the impact of Covid-19 on staff is;

–          Which individuals are at potentially greater risk or more vulnerable to Covid-19 infection;

–          What additional steps or measures we may need to put in place to support staff as a result

If you require further information please speak to your line manager in the first instance.

For further information and support on completing the document, please email

Alternatively, please contact HR on for any other queries.

Reminder:  If any of your circumstances change (eg health issues or pregnancy), you will need to re-complete the form and send back through to the inbox for re-assessment.