Work Experience

All the schemes below are currently suspended until further notice

St Georges Healthcare Shadowing Scheme

What is it?

This scheme has been running since 2014 and is a collaboration between the Hospitals’ Trust and St George’s University of London.

The scheme provides local year 12 (17 year old) students from under-represented groups in higher education with the opportunity to shadow a clinical healthcare professional in acute or community services.

Students are highly motivated and academically on track to apply to university, but lack the clinical work experience required successfully to apply for a medical or healthcare degree course.

Priority is given to students claiming free school meals, those from low social-economic backgrounds, students with disabilities, and young people with no family experience of higher education or working in healthcare.

How are students recruited?

The St George’s, University of London sends out an information and application pack to the qualifying schools in the Spring Term of the academic year.  Schools cascade the information to relevant students who apply for a placement in the Trust via the University’s Widening Participation team.

Friends and Family Scheme

What is it?

This scheme is primarily for young people between 16 – 18 years who are resident in the UK.  It offers Trust staff’s relatives and friends the opportunity to shadow a clinical or non-clinical professional: to give them an insight into the work of an NHS Trust, to help them decide on a career pathway and to assist with their university application.

How do students secure a placement?

Students apply via their relative or friend who works in the Trust.  This member of staff will then organise the placement which can be up to 5 days duration.

Please note that the work experience provision does not cover Erasmus or Clinical Internship.

If you would like to find out about “Medical Electives” please visit the St George’s University of London website.

If you are a qualified doctor looking to undertake a period of observership, please contact the relevant department and inform them of the Consultant’s name who has agreed for you to observe within their department.

Project SEARCH

What is it?

Running at St Georges Hospital since 2012, Project SEARCH  is a supported internship programme for local young adults with learning disabilities. It is run through a collaboration between St George’s Hospital, Cricket Green School and Action on Disability.

Our aim is to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about work and develop their employability skills so they can transition into work inside or outside of the Hospital at the end of the year.

Internships run for an academic year and involve three different work experience placements.

16 out of  21 past students are now in employment and graduates all develop their sense of well-being and confidence as they realise they can work.

How are trainees recruited?

The Project SEARCH team based at the hospital runs a ‘recruitment’ session in October for families, colleges, specialist education providers and Local Authority Employment teams. Applicants have formally to apply for a place on the scheme and selection protocols follow the Trust’s requirements. For candidates who are successful, funding is requested from the Local Authority in which they are resident and is contingent upon the candidate having an up-to-date EHCP.

Click here for more information on Project SEARCH