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New Beginnings FAQs

New Beginnings FAQs

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 5 May 2019 | Tags: EBCD New Beginnings patient experience Point of Care Foundation

What is Experience based Co-Design? EBCD involves gathering experiences from patients and staff through in-depth interviewing, observations and group discussions, identifying key ‘touch points’ (emotionally significant points) and assigning positive or negative feelings. A short edited film is created from the patient interviews. This is shown to staff and patients, …

New Beginnings 🌸🦋- improving the experience of birth in theatre

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 13 Feb 2021 | Tags: caesarean EBCD gentle caesarean Instrumental delivery New Beginnings operating theatres Operative birth Patients experience Point of Care Foundation

We’re a group of St George’s staff who want to improve the experience of mothers in our maternity department. We’ve been given funding for a project called “New Beginnings” to bring mothers and staff together to make positive changes to the experience of having a baby in an operating theatre. …