On this page:

Pregnancy and Antenatal care – what to expect when you are expecting

Finding out you are having twins or more:

Your journey with our twin specialist midwives

  • Schedule of midwifery visits – what will happen at each appointment (BP, bloods, urine, booking delivery etc)
  • Video of Debra/Sarah

Your journey with our twin specialist sonographers:

  • Schedule of scans for DC/MC/triplets – what will be looked at in each scan
  • Video of Sara/David/Elles

Symptoms to expect when pregnant with multiples:

Complications of Multiple Pregnancies:

Overview of twin complications: preterm labour, preeclampsia, adverse perinatal outcomes, monochorionic specific complications

Meet our team of doctors specialising in multiple pregnancies:

  • Our profiles, what we do, what conditions we manage and what treatments we offer at SGH (rescue cerclage, laser, IUT, etc)
  • Video of one of our scans/consultations?





Labour and Delivery:

Preparing for having multiples:

  • Birth plans
  • Video of you counselling patients on their mode of delivery, or patients journey through coming in for an ELCS?
  • Meet the anaesthetic/theatre team?

The postnatal period and neonatal care:

Support for parents in hospital:

Neonatal care for your babies:

  • Neonatal care
  • Virtual tour of NNU
  • Meet our neonatologists – video of neonatal team

Feeding your babies:

  • Neonatal care
  • Video of our twin breastfeeding specialist and contact details

Support for your mental health:

  • Mental Health
  • Contact Lorraine for help with PND/our follow up or support services with patients at risk of PND

Coming home after birth:

  • Coming home from hospital
  • Home support
  • Support for counselling services/debrief for those with poor outcomes? – This area will be important for those who do not have live births and we should acknowledge these patients