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The Ponseti clinic at St George’s Hospital, London is a specialist service for children with structural foot deformities.

The most common deformity treated is idiopathic clubfoot (Congenital Talipes Equinovarus); however, the team also has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of other complex foot deformities, including but not limited to, congenital vertical talus, complex, atypical and secondary clubfoot.

Contact Details and Referrals

Please email us on Ponsetiservice@stgeorges.nhs.uk if you have any questions or would like to refer to our service.

Supporting Clinical Networks

The Ponseti clinic at St. George’s Hospital implements a “Hub and Spokes” model whereby St. George’s Hospital is the tertiary centre (Hub) which supports surrounding regional hospitals (Spokes). Further details are available in our research section.

All tenotomies from the region as well as all non-idiopathic clubfeet are managed at St George’s Hospital’s Ponseti Clinic.

The team also provides teaching, training and ongoing support to the regional hospitals’ Ponseti clinics.

The team runs an annual Regional Study Day which includes practical workshops, lectures and invited speakers. In addition, the team provides mentoring visits from the lead practitioner and offer the spokes’ practitioners opportunities to attend the clinic for further development.

Supporting Families

The team is both dedicated and passionate about supporting families who care for children with clubfoot. As well as ongoing support throughout the treatment journey, the team holds annual wellbeing events for parents.

The events have previously been supported by The STEPs Charity and the parents.

Support the Ponseti Clinic

Should you wish to donate to The Ponseti Clinic at St. George’s Hospital to help support patients and families, please click here. 


We welcome your feedback about our service so we can continually improve – see what our parents say here.

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