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The Wandsworth Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) service

The WISH service provides a range of services including; testing for sexually transmitted infections, emergency and on-going contraception, rapid HIV testing, referral for termination of pregnancy, HIV post sexual exposure treatment (PEP), C-card registration and free condoms. Our clinics are free and confidential. You do not need your GP to refer you for care, nor do you need to live locally.

In addition WISH offers a range of specialist services including; long-acting contraception, young people’s and gay men’s clinics, psychosexual therapy and a service for people with learning disabilities.

There are WISH clinics in Tooting, Roehampton and Battersea. All of our clinics offer a friendly and non-judgemental service with welcoming staff.

The WISH centre is located at the Courtyard Clinic, St George’s Hospital. This clinic offers a comprehensive sexual health and contraception service and manages complex sexual health issues.

WISH locals are based at Roehampton Clinic, Queen Mary’s Hospital and at the Doddington Health Centre, Battersea. These clinics offer a routine sexual health and contraception service and are led by our nursing team.

Ways to access our clinics

blueWalk-in and wait: no appointment is necessary just attend during advertised walk-in times and wait to be seen.

purpleBooked time slots: you will be given a time period to attend the clinic, and this should reduce your waiting in the clinic. Please call 020 8725 3353 to book a time slot.

greenAppointments: these are booked by phone one week in advance. Please call 020 8725 3353 to book an appointment

Please call WISH on020 8725 3353 for advice about which clinic to attend or to book a time-slot or an appointment.

Opening hours

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Contact details

For more information please contact:

If you have a hearing impairment, you can email us:


  1. Courtyard Clinic, St George's Hospital, SW17 0QT
  2. Doddignton Health Centre, SW11 4LU
  3. Roehampton Clinic, Queen Mary's Hospital, SW15 5PN

For information on how to get to our clinics by public transport, please visit: www.tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/