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Liaison Epileptology service in St George’s Hospital

Patients admitted to St George’s hospital with seizures are referred to the Epilepsy Registrar who will then see or discuss the individual referrals with the on-call Consultant Epilepsy Specialist. At the moment there is a Consultant Epilepsy Specialist available Monday to Friday, while at weekends referrals are discussed with the on-call Neurology Consultant.

Videotelemetry Service

Videotelemetry is a diagnostic procedure in which patients are admitted to our regional neuroscience ward and monitored for seizures, looking at both brain-waves and video recordings of any attacks/seizures that occur during the admission. Videotelemetry is very helpful when the diagnosis of seizures or non-epileptic attacks is not clear or warrants confirmation, as well as being an important investigation for patients who may be candidates for epilepsy surgery.