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Booking Appointment At your booking appointment the midwife will collect information about your medical history and make all the necessary referrals. Based on that information, the mulberry team will plan all the required follow-up appointments.

If you or your GP highlight that you have a significant medical condition in the pregnancy referral, you might see one of the mulberry midwives at this appointment.

Midwife-led clinic – Mulberry midwives clinic

•Maternal Medicine team – for women with general medical conditions


•Diabetes team – for women with diabetes prior to pregnancy or diabetes acquired in pregnancy

If your medical condition prompts monitoring by our team, we will invite you to attend our midwifery-led clinic instead of your local midwives. The frequency of the appointments will be made based on your medical condition and if any concerns arise during the pregnancy. If your medical condition remains well-controlled, we might share some of your antenatal appointments with your GP or local midwives.

The Mulberry Midwives offer continuity of care throughout pregnancy and links closely with the multi-disciplinary team with any concerns. Continuity of care is a key element in ensuring that women know who to contact and that the care is personalised to each individuals needs. This is particularly important for women with complex medical/social/mental health needs.

Consultant-led clinic Based on the nature of your medical condition, you might also be invited to attend our consultant-led clinic at least once during your pregnancy. This appointment can sometimes be replaced by a joint clinic appointment.

Preconception appointments are also available within this service.