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Outpatient appointments account for 85% of hospital activity and are fundamental to the running of the NHS. The way outpatients’ services are delivered in the future is going to change, for a number of reasons including new technology such as video calls and wearable devices, changing health conditions, such as the increase in Type 2 diabetes and asthma. Changes to outpatients’ services need to be informed by good evidence and research. This project is looking for your ideas for the important questions about delivering outpatient services in the future.

The scope of this website and of our project is only for research purposes focusing on future upcoming studies.

If you have an outpatient appointment query, please refer to the contact numbers listed on your correspondence from the trust.

About us

Our steering group include patients/carers representatives and healthcare professionals. We meet regularly and agree on all aspects and content of each stage of our project with the input and recommendation of the James Lind Alliance (JLA). Details about the members of our team are detailed in this section below “Members of our steering group”.

Our James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships

The goal of the JLA is to bring together patients, carers, and healthcare professionals in the Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) to identify and prioritize the top ten unanswered questions about a particular topic in health care. These ten priority questions will be the focus of future research projects. The opinions of people who use health care services and those who treat and care for them provide important perspectives about people’s concerns and preferences.

Our PSP will focus on children and adults who live in England and attend outpatients’ appointments.  The scope of our PSP is the entire outpatient journey, from the initial GP visit to the follow up and referral appointments. Our PSP aims to identify the most important questions to shape the future of how outpatient services are delivered. Finding answers to these questions through research will help to ensure that outpatient services are delivered in the ways that meets the needs of patients and health and care professionals.

The first phase of our PSP is to ask patients, carers, and health and care professionals and managerial/clerical staff to fill out a survey with questions they want answered in future research. The second phase is to check whether these questions were previously answered by research. Then, another survey will be sent to shortlist the questions. The final stage is a one-day workshop that will gather patients, carers, health and care professionals and managerial/clerical staff to share their experiences and knowledge and agree on the final most important ten questions that will be the focus of future research.

Our objectives

The top ten questions that we will gather at the end of our PSP will be published and promoted for funders and researchers. This research will help shape the way in which outpatient services are delivered in the years ahead.

Members of our steering group

Clinical representatives  
Ben Bridgewater Health Innovation London
Caroline Knox – Deputy General Manager OPD SGH 


Caroline has worked at St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for 18 years and been involved in the delivery of Outpatient Services for the past 13 years holding the position of Deputy General Manager for Outpatient Services since 2019.  She was a project manager on their Electronic Document Management project digitising patient records into an electronic solution to support the achievement of a single clinical note at the point of care. When she is not working for the NHS, she volunteers in the Army Cadet Force and holds a Reserve Forces Commission of Captain and holds the position of Company Training Officer.

James Friend – Digital Strategy London Region NHS England

James is a highly experienced commercial and health services executive director with a passion for using data to identify and track opportunities for transforming ways of working to improve healthcare outcomes, clinical productivity, and patient experience as well as healthcare product research and development.


Max Carter – Programme Director: NHS North West London CCG
Natasha Curran – MD Health Innovation Network South London  Natasha is Medical Director at the Health Innovation Network, south London’s Academic Health Science Network and leads the Implementation and Involvement team of the Applied Research Collaboration South London. Natasha is a Consultant in Pain Medicine at University College London Hospitals and an Expert Adviser to NICE and journals such as BMJ Open.


Naz Jivani – General Practice The Groves Medical Centre & Clinical Lead Kingston Borough Naz is a GP, practicing in Kingston-Upon-Thames since 1996. He has a Masters in Sport Medicine working as a GP with an Extended Role, in the Orthopaedics Department at Kingston Hospital. He is joint Clinical Lead for the SWL OPD Programme and T&O Network and the Clinical Lead for SWL MSK Network.


Sarbinder Sandhu – Urology Consultant Kingston Hospital  


Simon Clayton – Corporate OPD SGH Simon is the Health Records Manager of St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust based in South West London with 7 years of experience in the NHS.

His role consists of providing knowledge and expertise to service users on record management good practice as well as having overall responsibility for the St George’s health records service.

He is passionate about improving the patient experience through increasing process efficiency in the NHS by employing good documentation, communication, training, and utilisation of IT tools.


Toby Smith – Patient Groups and AHPs Toby is an Associate Professor in Physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia and Senior Physiotherapist at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. He has over 20 years clinical experience working in hospital and other healthcare settings as a physiotherapist treating bone, joint and muscle diseases.



Patient and carer representatives  
Clive Moore Ceaton – Patient Representative

Clive was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2016 and treated by having a Prostatectomy. Shortly after this, he started getting involved in Public and Patient involvement and engagement as a person with lived in experience. He now serves on many panels and is always trying to get across the importance of the public voice and the need for equality, diversity, and inclusion.
Margaret Ogden – Patient Representative

Rashmi Kumar – Patient Representative

Rashmi is a full-time carer for elderly mother, living at home, suffering from long-term multiple conditions. He is responsible for management of her health and social care needs which helped to better understand health, psychological and social challenges patients and families face and how with little support health and quality of care can be improved.

Rashmi is a Trustee of large Patients Participation Group Network and the Chair of PPI Involvement Advisory Group at the National Institute for Health and Care Research Applied Research Collaborations, South London, bringing together NHS Services, local providers of care services, local authorities, universities, and charities.

Richard Allen


Saba Raza-Knight – Specialty Trainee in Neurosurgery, Royal Preston Hospital




PSP coordinator  
Julie Nunn  


PSP Lead  
Caroline Hing  


James Lind Alliance Adviser and Chair of the Steering Group  
Suzannah Kinsella




Information Specialist  
Marie-Claire Rebeiz – PSP information specialist Marie-Claire is the researcher in residence at St George’s University of London. She studied medicine and now has interest in a wide diversity of research subjects. Her current research focus is related to outpatient care, population health and healthcare inequality.

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