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Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been shown to improve the lives of patients with long term respiratory conditions and help manage breathlessness as well as improvements in their general health.

In each group we have up to 16 people all with lung conditions and suffer with similar symptoms.   Our pulmonary rehabilitation team will guide you through a tailor made exercise program and regularly review your progress to help you achieve your goals.   There are weekly education sessions to help you understand and manage your condition.  Topics include managing your breathing, healthy eating, stress management and how to manage flair ups of your condition.   It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people with lung conditions and share experiences.  This is a patient centred approach and we work with you to promote your wellbeing.

We have 3 sites across Wandsworth, based at St George’s Hospital, Wandle Recreation Centre and Latchmere Leisure Centre. We provide a six to eight-week exercise and education programme that takes place twice a week, in line with NICE and British Thoracic Society guidelines.

We welcome enquiries and referrals from the Respiratory team, general practitioners, therapists and PCT practice nurses.

We can provide pulmonary rehabilitation at home for those patients who may not be able to get to our centers. An assessment will take place in order to assess your requirements prior to commencing the course.

Mission Statement:

To achieve our vision of improving the health of our patients and the local community we keep patients at the heart of everything that we do – our values of excellence, kind, responsible and respectful are designed to inspire our staff to achieve this. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our community by keeping up to date with the latest developments in pulmonary rehabilitation.

Patient Information:

We accept referrals from GP’s, Practice Nurses, Consultants, Respiratory Nurses and Physiotherapists .

You can download a referral form here.


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Pulmonary Rehab Referral Form – Wandsworth 2022

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0208 725 3016


Twitter: @StGRespPT

Locations (as of June 2021):

Tooting Leisure Centre

Online via Microsoft Teams

Latchmere Leisure Centre