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Pulmonary rehabilitation is an exercise and educational programme designed to help patients with limiting symptoms caused by long term lung conditions.

After being referred to the service, a Physiotherapist would conduct an assessment to gain an understanding about your health and abilities. This will help you to get the best out of your course.

We are currently running virtual and face-to-face programmes. The course consists of classes twice a week for 8 weeks on a programme of your choice.

The educational sessions are run virtually every week for one hour.

At each session you will spend some time on exercise, but we won’t expect you to do more than what you can manage. Getting slightly out of breath is to be expected and someone will always be on hand to guide you.


If you would like to be referred please speak to your respiratory consultant, respiratory nurse, practice nurse or GP. Please click on this link for the referral form:

Respiratory Liaison Physiotherapy Referral Form (Word)

Contact details:

Tel: 0208 725 3016

Email: Pulmonary.RehabSTG@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Locations (as of June 2021):

Tooting Leisure Centre

Online via Microsoft Teams

Latchmere Leisure Centre