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Ruth Myles Day Unit is a haematology day care Here we treat people affected by different types of blood cancer and non-cancer blood disease. You will receive skilled care from an experienced team in a safe environment. We provide treatment giving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, perform bone marrow biopsies, support the bone marrow transplants patients and administer blood products support. We also treat patients taking part in clinical trials.

Who can attend / receive the service?

The team will welcome you to the unit after your initial appointment with the doctor and a treatment schedule has been agreed. You will receive a phone call from one of the nurses or receptionists to confirm your appointments and answer any queries that you may have. Depending the reason why you are attending the unit, follow up appointments will be booked and appointment card will be provided.

Where do I need to go?

Since the COVID 19 pandemic we are asking patients to perform a lateral flow test before they attend the unit and show evidence (ex. picture of the test). We are working hard to keep the environment and patients safe. We allow visitors in certain occasions; please ask the nurse in charge before you attend.

Does it cost anything?

There are no charges applied in the Day Unit.

We can provide a form for parking in case if you need to stay a long period of time or attend the unit more than once a week.

What do I need to bring with me?
  • Any medicines that you may need to take throughout the day.
  • A book, laptop or tablet to use while having treatment. There is free wi-fi in the unit.
Refreshments & light lunches

Water and hot drinks are available for free.

We offer patients a light lunch around midday consisting of sandwiches, snacks and water bottle.

You can also bring your own drink and food.