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St George’s provides a full range of diagnostic services to support local patients. This includes tests and scans which are used to diagnose cancer and monitor patients during and after treatment. These tests can be imagery, such as an x-ray, or they may require some tissue, such as a biopsy.


Treatment for all types of cancers may include surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy or a combination.

We have a large regional oncology service, providing both chemotherapy and biological treatments. We deliver in the region of 16,000 cycles of treatment each year. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells.

Hormone therapy works by manipulating or reducing the production or activity of particular hormones in the body. It is most commonly used to treat breast cancer and prostate cancer. The type of cancer being treated will determine the type of hormone therapy given.

St George’s provides the majority of south west London’s complex cancer surgery. The Trust receives referrals from local services as well as from further afield. We are a tertiary center which performs much of the cancer surgery for several local hospitals.

The Royal Marsden Hospital provides radiotherapy services for St George’s patients. Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells. This treatment is used to cure cancer or to relieve symptoms