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What does our service offer?

Our team are here to help you deal with the emotional and psychological side effects of cancer and will offer you information, support and practical help. Whilst individuals can struggle at different points of their cancer care, the sorts of difficulties we can help you with can include:

  • Living with uncertainty in your present and future
  • Coping with how cancer affects your relationships
  • Managing the demands of home and family life while caring for yourself
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety, trauma and anger
  • Coping with adjustment, change and loss
  • Feeling unhappy about changes in the way you look
  • Coping with pain, discomfort, fatigue and treatment side-effects
  • Coping with how cancer affects your relationships and/or sexual functioning
  • Coping with how cancer affects self-esteem and sense of self
  • Coming to terms with possible end-of-life issues
  • Talking to children about a cancer diagnosis
  • Managing complex mental health issues alongside cancer
  • Initiating and/or reviewing psychiatric medication

The Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support (CaPS) Team offers counselling, clinical psychology and liaison psychiatry input and is made up of experienced clinicians who are able to work with patients to address their psychological and emotional needs using a range of interventions.  You may find you would benefit from a few consultations with a counselor or clinical psychologist to help to get you ‘back on track’ if you feel you are struggling, or you may benefit from a course of an evidence-based talking therapy intervention.  Alternatively if talking therapies are not right for you, you may find you would benefit from a different level of support (e.g. if you have pre-existing mental health difficulties and/or are already taking psychiatric medication) and seeing a liaison psychiatrist may be more appropriate.

Our service is available to adult inpatients and outpatients who have received care for their cancer at St George’s Hospital, as well as those involved in their care (e.g. carers, families, partners). We offer a free and confidential service, which can include one-to-one sessions, as well as working with couples and families as appropriate.

We also have connections with a range of local sources of psychological support should this feel more appropriate for you, including the Macmillan Support & Information Service and Paul’s

We also have a patient information leaflet that you can access HERE.

Who are the Macmillan Cancer Psychological Support (CaPS) Team?


Reuben Williams – CaPS Team Administrator
Janet Bates – Macmillan Oncology Counsellor
Sahil Suleman – Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Team Lead)
Catherine Bousfield – Macmillan Clinical Psychologist
Jo Ashcroft – Macmillan Clinical Psychologist
Asanga Fernando – Macmillan Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

How can I get to see someone from your team?

We accept referrals for patients who are under the care of the cancer team here at St George’s. You can be referred by your GP, by any healthcare professional in your clinical team, or alternatively you can self-refer.

If you are a healthcare professional, our referral guidelines may help you consider whether to refer a patient to our team.

GPs and other healthcare professionals can access a referral form here. If you are based within the Trust, you can return this via cancer.psychologicalsupport@stgeorges.nhs.uk. If based outside the Trust, this should be returned to stgh-tr.cancer.psychologicalsupport@nhs.net or can be posted/faxed using the information on the form.

If you as a patient feel you would like to be referred but have not been offered this by your clinical team, please do not hesitate to raise this with them. Alternatively, patients can self-refer to our service by calling our team administrator on 020 8725 0461 and someone from our team will be in touch or email cancer.psychologicalsupport@stgeorges.nhs.uk.