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Vestibular (balance) assessments take place at St Georges Hospital in the Audiology and Audiovestibular Medicine Department.

Your appointment with the Specialist Audiovestibular doctor will involve a detailed history of your problem and thorough examination of your ears, eye movements, balance and coordination.

Your doctor will also consider using a video camera to look at your eye movements in clinic (Video-oculography), and perform specialist manouvers (such as Dix Hallpike manoeuvre to look for a condition known as BPPV).Epley repositioning manoeuvre may also be performed to treat your BPPV.

As part of your appointment, you may also have specialised hearing and balance tests on the same day, or as an outpatient.

This means that you could potentially spend one to four hours in the department.If possible, bring someone as support particularly to your first appointment since you may feel slightly off balance after some of the tests.