Genetic Counsellor

Clair is a Genetic Counsellor at St George’s, University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Clair holds an MSc(Med) Genetic Counselling qualification which she obtained from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. During her MSc Degree, Clair completed qualitative research looking at health-related quality of life in adults with Sickle cell Disease. Clair then completed her genetic counselling internship training at a leading academic hospital in Cape Town and qualified as a board certified genetic counsellor in 2019.

Clair has a passion for cancer genetics, prenatal genetics as well as hematology genetics and herself started a support group for patients with sickle cell disease in South Africa. Clair is now a member of the St George’s clinical genetics team where she focuses largely on cancer and prenatal genetics.

Cancer genetics secretaries:

Telephone: 02087255333