Frequently asked questions

What happens when I sign up for the free Wi-Fi? 

When you first connect to the Wi-Fi service, you will need to authenticate your login by using an email address and “agree to Purple’s Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy”. Purple are internet providers who provide the service to the Trust.

What do the terms and conditions and the privacy policy cover? 

The Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy page contains information about how your data is used and essentially states that after logging in, Purple (our Wi-Fi supplier) will email you a link that will allow you to see the data purple hold on you.

Purple collect personal information when you use the Wi-Fi, as well as information on the device you are using and how you use the Wi-Fi.

For information on the data Purple collect, and how it is used, you can access the Purple Privacy Policy via a separate link on the sign in page.

The Privacy Policy refers to information that is collected when using the service, as follows:

  • Submitted information: the information you provide when you login – your email address
  • Additional information:  visited websites, surveys responded to, transactions made (they do not collect information used to make financial transactions)
  • Device information info about the device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) you are using
  • Location information:  if location is enabled, information on where in the venue you have been
  • Network information:  IP addresses, ISPs, clickstream data, browser type, language, viewed and exited pages, date and time stamps.

How is my data stored?

Data is stored on their secure servers in accordance with regulations. If a login is not made to Purple Wi-Fi in more than 13 months, all personally identifiable data they store is deleted.

How will my data be used?

Data may be used by Purple, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust or selected third parties. Data may also be provided to regulatory bodies where there is a legal obligation to do this or if someone’s safety is at risk.

How can I access my own data?

You can access and amend your data held via the portal.

Why do I have to agree to cookies?

Cookies are used like all websites, to enable users’ data to be distinguish from other users.