Where do I go?

Your letter will tell you which wing to go to. If you are not sure, go to one of the reception desks in Grosvenor Wing (the main entrance) or Atkinson Morley Wing. Volunteers are also available around the hospital to help you find your way. If you come by ambulance you will arrive at the Patient Transport Office in Grosvenor Wing where you will be taken to your clinic. They were an identification badge and either a burgundy coloured blazer, sweatshirt or waistcoat.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Clinic, please let the receptionist know who you are. Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment to help us to stick to appointment times. Some appointments are brief whereas others can include tests and scans. Therefore, please allow up to half-a-day for your appointment unless you have been told otherwise.

If you have any special needs, please telephone the number on your admission letter. Reasonable adjustments will be made to meet your needs.