Confirming your admission date

Before you come to the hospital, please confirm that a bed is available for you. Please read the instructions on your admission letter carefully to find out when and who you should call. We will do everything possible to make sure your admission date does not change. Very occasionally, an emergency admission might need to be given priority.

If you have any special needs, please also telephone the number on your admission letter. These might include:

  • washing requirements
  • special diets
  • praying facilities
  • support needs for a learning, physical or sensory disability
  • Reasonable adjustments will be made to meet your needs

Surgical Admissions Lounge Patient Information Leaflet

What if I cannot make my admission date?

If you cannot make your admission date, please telephone the number on your admission letter straight away. We can rearrange your appointment and arrange for someone else to come into hospital.

Please call the number on your admission letter if you think you may have been exposed to an infection (such as chicken pox) or develop any of the following symptoms in the three days before your admission date:

  • cough
  • diarrhoea
  • cold
  • vomiting
  • raised body temperature

Information about you

When you are a patient, we ask you for information so that you can receive appropriate care and treatment. We take the confidentiality of your information extremely seriously. If you want to know more about how we use your information, please ask for a copy of Your Information