After reviewing the outcomes of the recent Improving neurorehabilitation services in southwest London public consultation, St George’s Healthcare is moving ahead with plans to relocate services based at the Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre.

The trust’s long-term plan is to relocate the majority of the services currently provided at the Wolfson to Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, with 10 beds provided at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, allowing patients who still have acute needs to begin their rehabilitation earlier.

Starting in March 2012 we will implement our interim plan and move the Wolfson services into temporary homes at Queen Mary’s and St George’s Hospitals. By vacating the Wolfson building we will be able to sell the site and use the proceeds of the sale to pay for the building work that is needed for the long-term plan.

Geoff Cloud, consultant physician and care group lead for neurorehabilitation, said:

“Our proposals to redesign neurorehabilitation services will provide improved facilities for patients and maintain the ethos and strong team approach of the current service which is rightly regarded as being first class.”

To read the independent report on the consultation and recommended next steps visit the consultation pages.

Notes to editors

The trust received 167 formal responses and met with a number of patient and stakeholder groups, with a lot of support for our proposals to relocate services.

Issues raised about the transfer of services and the impact on other services based at St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals has meant that we have changed some of our original proposals.

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