Having published its organisational strategy ‘Delivering Outstanding Care, Every Time’ in April, the Trust is now developing long-term plans in a range of areas to achieve its ambitions.

Research is one of these areas, and a new five year research strategy has been approved by its Trust Board.

Supporting research is a key part of the Trust’s organisational strategy when it talks about ‘leading specialist healthcare’. It is also a teaching Trust, and ‘developing tomorrow’s treatments today’ is one of its six corporate objectives.

Trust’s that are strong in research bring clinical benefits to patients, and make it easier to attract the best staff.

The research strategy builds on success that has seen St George’s almost triple the number of patients it has recruited to clinical trials in recent years.

Key priorities

Among other things, the strategy:

  • commits to putting research at the heart of what St George’s does, making it ‘core business’ for staff
  • aims to make St George’s a more supporting environment for research, eg with the establishment of a new institute to bring staff involved in research together
  • sets out its ambition to secure national core funding for research work.

It was developed with the help of hundreds of members of staff who attended events or took part in surveys.

To read the summary of the research strategy, click here.

For the full strategy click here.

Watch a short video on what the strategy means to our staff below.

Workforce is the next of our supporting strategies, and will be published in January 2020.

For further details, email strategy@stgeorges.nhs.uk