St George’s Hospital has launched a new campaign to encourage and support its staff to get their Covid-19 vaccine.

The hospital’s new ‘Be like…’ campaign features a number of different staff, including a doctor, nurse, porter, radiographer and a manager who have had their Covid-19 vaccine.

All five staff featured in the campaign are encouraging colleagues to get their Covid-19, and to feel free to ask questions and have conversations with colleagues if they are unsure, or have yet to make up their mind.

All staff will have their own reasons for getting vaccinated, and the Trust is providing a range of resources to help staff make an informed decision about the jab – including virtual staff briefing sessions, written Q&As, case studies on social media, plus a drop-in vaccine clinic to make it as easy as possible for staff to get their jab.

One of the staff who features is Nikhil Shah, a radiographer at the Trust. He said: “I got my vaccine to protect myself, my family and my patients.”

Another is Dr Nkem Onyeador, who said: “Protecting the St George’s family is so important to me.”

St George’s was one of the first hospitals to administer the Covid-19 vaccine in December 2020, since when nearly 30,000 patients and staff have received their jab at the Trust.

Patients and members of the public should attend by appointment only, and our teams will contact you when it is your turn to attend.

You can access more information about the St George’s Covid-19 vaccine programme here.