Little Jackson Hall finished his cancer treatment 10 months ago – marking the end of an almost life-long journey.

He was treated by an “amazing team” at St George’s Hospital after being diagnosed with leukaemia in February 2020 at the age of two.

His mum Sam said: “Everyone has been amazing at St George’s and so many have been there for us. They’re our friends and like a family to us.

“They have been incredible throughout Jackson’s treatment – from giving me a hug when I had to choose between staying at hospital or going home with my daughter, Ava.”

Jackson was diagnosed with T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when Sam and his dad Shaun noticed a rash that wouldn’t go away and took him to their local hospital where blood tests were taken.

The now six-year-old youngster endured three years and two months of chemotherapy treatment before he could finally enjoy a Christmas-free cancer with his family last year.

Shaun said: “Everything that St George’s has done, from the very beginning, has been reassuring.

“The nurses on Pinckney ward have always gone above and beyond for us.”

Jackson has also eased back into a normal life after returning to school full-time last September.

Due to his cancer fight he missed his entire reception year and 80% of year one but now he’s settled back into lessons with his classmates.

Chemotherapy wiped out all his baby jabs so he has had all his vaccinations again, including his MMR, which is crucial as cases of measles are on the rise in England.

Sam said: “I was dreading him picking up something from school but he’s had a few colds and he’s been fine.”

Throughout his journey with leukaemia, Jackson received care from both St George’s and the Royal Marsden through their joint paediatric oncology service.

For the first year, Jackson must have check-ups every six weeks which are alternated between the two hospitals. He will be declared cancer free if he gets the all clear after five years.