Alex Quayle works as the Lead Pharmacist for Patient Services at St George’s, and is our Staff Governor representing Allied Health Professionals (AHPs).

Alex has worked at the Trust for two years and was appointed a staff governor in January 2021. He told us more about what he enjoys about working with his fellow governors, and why the upcoming Annual Members’ Meeting is a great opportunity for staff and the public to get involved with St George’s.

Why did you want to become a staff governor?

“Pharmacy can sometimes be a bit in the background, so for me, being a governor can be a great way to talk about what we do and raise the profile of our team. It also means that I can find out about what else is happening at the Trust, and with my fellow AHPs.”

What do you enjoy about being a staff governor?

“Every month we have the chance to speak with Gillian Norton [the Trust’s Chairman] and Jacqueline Totterdell [Chief Executive]. At these meetings we can see how decisions are made that affect the future of the hospital, and give our views.

“We’ve seen first-hand how the hospital has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and we are given good insight into projects, such as the building of the new surgical treatment centre at Queen Mary’s.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there a bit more with my fellow governors to visit areas across the Trust and meeting more of my colleagues.”

How has the pandemic affected your role as a staff governor?

“Not being able to meet face-to-face is a challenge, however NHS staff are now used to communicating virtually. I think it has affected the interaction we have with our fellow governors, but Richard Mycroft [our Lead Governor] is very keen for us to meet in person as soon as we can – from a staff point of view, I’m hopeful that I can welcome them to St George’s in person in the near future.”

How do you find working with your fellow governors?

“It’s great to work with members of the public who have an interest in their local hospital. I find it inspiring that they have gone out of their way and given up their time to help make St George’s a better place.

“I also think we forget that not everyone is familiar with how the NHS works, or NHS jargon, so public governors often provide a valuable insight and help us have more rounded discussions.”

Finally, the Annual Members’ Meeting is taking place on 16 September, why do you think members, staff and the public should attend?

“I think now more than ever, the NHS is seen as such an important part of our society. If you have a role as a member of staff, or if you’re a member of the public with an interest in St George’s, this is a great opportunity to come along, interact with us and learn more about some of the incredible work going on at the Trust.”