New sexual health information leaflet for people with learning disabilities

The sexual health services have produced a leaflet on sexual health for parents, carers and health professionals working with people who have a learning disability. The leaflet can be view on the public website here. Please share the leaflet. The Friends funded this leaflet to ensure better access for People with Learning Difficulties to our sexual health services, once again showing their commitment to ensuring that all members our community receive the best possible care. So, here’s to OUR Friends! We really couldn’t do it without you.

Much of the best work at St Georges goes on quietly, behind the scenes – as a result some contributions to the Trust can be underplayed or not as appreciated as they could be. So, we would just like to say a big THANK YOU to the fabulous Friends of St Georges, who year in and year out give of their own time to raise money for so many services across the Trust. Their sterling work enables many of us to bridge the gap between what we can do, and what we would like to do. In the current financial climate their work is needed as never before. For many years the Friends have funded a massage service for our patients living with HIV, and as a result many lives have been transformed through the power of touch.