Foundation Programme

Welcome to St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Foundation Programme

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country and is only one of a few hospitals to offer a full range of medical and surgical specialties with a medical school on site, hence its unique place within healthcare and education. We have many excellent links with primary care and have a broad and varied academic programme. We are privileged to have state-of-the-art facilities on site with high tech simulation and postgraduate facilities.

The general medical council (GMC) has responsibility for the F1 year to ensure that provisionally registered doctors have acquired and demonstrated the required competences before they are granted full registration.

In the second year of the foundation programme (F2) the main focus is on training in the assessment and management of the acutely ill patient. Throughout the F2 year programme there is a focus on developing granted full registration.

The local foundation faculty is responsible for ensuring that the foundation programme is such that it will enable you to meet the specific competencies required.

The aims and objectives of the foundation programme curriculum are to enable the trainee to:

  • Develop further and consolidate clinical skills, particularly in relation to acute medicine, so that sick patients are regularly and reliably identified and managed in whatever setting they present
  • Ensure that professional attitudes and behaviours are embedded in clinical practice
  • Validate acquisition of competence in these areas through reliable and robust systems of assessment
  • Have the chance to explore career opportunities in different settings and areas of medicine

The foundation programme curriculum is competency based and leads to full registration with the GMC at the end of F1, subject to satisfactory assessment outcomes plus confirmation of satisfactory overall performance throughout the year and confirmation by your Medical School. You will be supported during your time here by your programme director, an allocated educational supervisor and various clinical supervisors, all of whom will give you regular feedback about your progress.

Further information about the curriculum and how to apply to the Foundation Programme can be found at