Speakers for PA GESH teaching

At GESH we offer online cross site teaching to over 80 Physician Associates. We have the following dates and topics which we would like to obtain speakers for.

  • Thursday 16th April 2024 (STGH)
  • Thursday 18th July 2024 
  • Thursday 17th October 2024  (STGH)
  1. Asthma/COPD
  2. Depression
  3. Dermatology / common children skin conditions
  4. Falls / silver trauma
  5. How to conduct an audit or QIP
  6. Peritonsilar abscess/quinsy
  7. Global health
  8. Nutrition


We appreciate your time in this matter. If you would like to deliver teaching for 45 minutes to PAs on a different subject then please contact mikaela.carey1@nhs.net