Nursing in Outpatients

Modern, nurse-led services are a major feature of Outpatients nursing at St George’s – and it makes for great variety, learning and the chance for different career progression for newly-qualified nurses.

Life as a staff nurse in Outpatients could involve minor operations, various nurse-led clinics, the chance to work in community settings as well as the main St George’s site, diagnostics and working in a range of specialty clinics undertaking observations, supporting consultants and looking after patients and their families.

Outpatients Matron Yvonne Bascombe said: “There are plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your career in varied ways as a staff nurse starting here. You will be on the same Band 5 staff nurse Career Pathway programme as across the Trust including training and development, preceptorship, a mentor and clear progression to band 6.

“There are a lot of interesting nurse-led services in Outpatients. These include Dressing clinics often handle complex dressing, Nurse led ENT clinics, Day case Infusion services run by our Rheumatology nurses in conjunction with the speciality Clinical Nurse and Day case Cardiac Investigation invasive procedures supported by our Cardiology Outpatient nurses.

“Whilst in Gynaecology we have nurse-led clinics including early pregnancy screening, smear test clinics, HRT implant, pregnancy advisory sessions and general gynaecological screening. As a new Band 5 nurse you can be heavily involved in these services, and have opportunities for post-graduate level specialist training days alongside core development.

“Outpatients is very much a modern 8am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday service, catering for patients’ needs. It therefore offers flexible working options. We do a range of minor operations, and nurses undertake observations and lot of patient contact.”

Yvonne added: “You have the opportunity to work in a range of specialities in different clinics and we also offer rotation with St George’s community locations. You can quickly experience different roles and opportunities, so it’s a great basis to start your nursing career.