What do our apprentices say?

Ismat from Staff Bank

The past 7 months working at Staff Bank have been quite hectic but at the same time I have learnt a lot about Staff Bank Recruitment, the different procedures and why they’re used. Working here has given me a major insight to the world of work, what to expect and how to deal with different situations. I have also learnt a lot about myself personally and how I need to adapt to different environments.

I feel as though I have grown a lot in my personal self as I wouldn’t have had this confidence a couple of months ago. I have learnt how to deal with a lot of different situations in the correct manner and built heavily on my communication skills, especially how to communicate with different people (face-to-face, over the phone and over e-mail). I still have a lot of growing to do but I guess that comes with experience.

Although I still have a lot of growing to do professionally, I feel like working here has given me a boost in my professionalism and what actions I need to take in order to better myself.

Working here has been very interesting and I would like to remain here as I love meeting different people and helping them to start working. The work I am currently doing is something I enjoy but at the same time I would like to experience different environments. For example, working in the Prison as I have always been interested in that sector as it seems like a completely different environment to this one. I have also been interested in Pharmacy work therefore I might think about joining the Pharmacy department here but I still have a lot to think about.”

 Jacob from Outpatients

My time at St George’s so far has been a remarkable experience. Being able to see the work ethic of a hospital from behind the scenes and the procedures taken just to prepare a clinic has given me a broader insight as well as an understanding for the hard work and effort put in. In my short time, I have been able to dibble and dabble between different job placements with in the trust.

I have worked in the antenatal booking office pulling clinics throughout the week. My assigned clinic on a week to week is a Saturday booking clinic which is built-up of about 4 patients per hour from 8:30am – 4:30 pm (which sometimes varies and could go up to 5 per hour depending on the midwives on shift).   This includes creating maternity and baby notes and prepping the patients’ notes with referral’s, creating Files, labels, history sheets, etc…

I would also cover the shifts in the call centre booking office where I would be rescheduling appointments, sending letters and dealing with patient queries. Alongside this I would also cover our booking coordinator where I would spend my mornings registering patients and then the afternoon would be spent creating and sending out appointments.

I have also covered the clinic by myself as well as with one of my colleagues alongside me. We would check patients in and out create follow up appointments as well as getting the notes ready for the midwives to read over notes before meeting patients. One of my biggest achievements working in clinic would be covering an Austin clinic by myself as this tends to be the busy as well as sensitive clinic throughout the week.

I had also been asked to cover in medical records respiratory medicine (Chest) as they were short of staff I jumped at the opportunity to gather more experience throughout the trust separate from antenatal.

All in all I can say that I have learnt a lot from working at St George’s and only hope to continue and strive to learn more”.