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A sneak peak from today’s filming of BBC’s One Show featuring St George’s innovation in neurosurgery

News & events | 29 Feb 2016 | Tags: BBC One Show matthew crocker neurosurgery press officer Tim Jones

BBC’s One Show interviews Mr Matthew Crocker, neurosurgeon, before he operates on a patient with a broken back. This new type of surgery cuts down tremendously the recovery time. Likelihood is that the patient will start walking tomorrow. This used to take a couple of months previously.

Look out for the piece on the BBC One Show.

Bolingbroke patient transfer – update

News & events | 7 Feb 2005 | Tags: Tim Jones transfer update

The transfer of elderly inpatients from the Bolingbroke Hospital in Wandsworth to other locations is progressing well, according to senior staff at St George’s Hospital. Of the 54 continuing care, rehabilitation and intermediate care beds previously at the Bolingbroke: 27 of the 29 rehabilitation beds from the Bolingbroke have been …