BBC’s One Show interviews Mr Matthew Crocker, neurosurgeon, before he operates on a patient with a broken back.

BBC One show 29.02.2016

This new type of surgery cuts down tremendously the recovery time. Likelihood is that she will start walking tomorrow. This used to take a couple of months previously.

Look out for the piece on the BBC One Show.

Fellow neurosurgeon, Tim Jones, is up next with cranial surgery where the patient is woken up mid-way through the operation to check that speech and movement have not been affected.

This machine show the surgeon what tissue he is cutting into so that errors are not made during an op. The screws in the rods to support the spine go no further than the back muscles.

tim jones 29.02.16

We even managed to get BBC’s One Show film crew to pose for us.

BBC one show film crew 29.02.2016

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