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Brain/CNS Tumours

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 9 Sep 2022 | Tags: brain tumour MDT neurosurgery referral

Patients with a first diagnosis of suspected brain or CNS tumour must be referred via the on call neurosurgery service and referred for discussion in the weekly Brain/CNS MDT meeting. This includes suspected cases of: Primary brain tumour (e.g. low grade glioma, glioblastoma) Brain metastasis Meningioma Pineal region tumour Intradural spinal …

Neurosurgery Therapies

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The Neurosurgery therapy department at St George’s Hospital is based within the Atkinson Morley Regional Neurosciences Centre. The Neurosurgery therapy team specialises in the assessment and treatment of neurosurgical conditions such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, brain haemorrhage, brain and spinal cord tumours and planned (elective) spinal surgery. …

Current research

Current research

Neurosurgery research | Updated 28 Jun 2021 | Tags: aquaporin brain tumour neurosurgery research spinal tumour

ACADEMICS WITHIN THE NEUROSURGERY DEPARTMENT Prof. Marios Papadopoulos , Neurosurgeon. Dr. Samira Saadoun, Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience. There are several research fellows and graduate students in the neurosurgery department. Current research projects include: Novel monitoring to optimize the early management of patients with severe spinal cord injury In collaboration with …

Neuro-Oncological Surgery

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St George’s offers a supra-network multidisciplinary service for the management of tumours in the central nervous system, serving a population of over four million. We receive referrals from South West London and Surrey as well as surrounding counties. We also accept out-of-area referrals and referrals from overseas, reflecting the high level …