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Frequently asked questions by patients, parents & carers:

  1. How many surgeries have been completed by St George’s AIS Team?

Over 500 surgeries have been completed successfully by St George’s AIS team so far.

  1. What is the success rate of this surgery?

The success rate of the surgery is specific to the child/patient. The chances of success will be discussed with the parent/guardian/patient during the assessment and MDT.

  1. How long will my child be in surgery?

The child will be away from the parent for 5 hours. The actual surgery takes 4 hours – two hours per ear. For adults, the surgery is 2 hours long.

  1. How will the anaesthetic be administered?

How anaesthetic will be administered will depend on the age and medical history of the patient. This will be discussed during the assessment and MDT.

  1. How long will the head bandage stay on after surgery?

The bandage will stay on overnight and will be removed the following day.

  1. How long will my child stay in the hospital for after surgery?

Adults and Children will usually be discharged the same day. They will stay overnight in the hospital if their normal place of residence is significantly far away. Sometimes the elderly stay overnight.

  1. Will their balance be affected after the surgery? If so, for how long?

Their balance might be mildly affected for a brief period (e.g. a week or so). Any extra factors that might exacerbate this problem will be discussed during the assessment and MDT.

  1. Is my child likely to vomit after the surgery?

Occasionally patients have a short period of nausea. They are not likely to vomit once they are at home.

  1. Is my child likely to have a nosebleed after the surgery?

A nosebleed is quite common on the first night. It is usually short-lived.

  1. What should I do if my child has an ear infection after a cochlear implant?

All ear infections should be taken seriously. Go to the GP first. The GP will choose an antibiotic based on the child’s history. If the infection persists, please contact the AIS team as soon as you can. If it is out of hours, then please visit St George’s A & E Dept so this problem can be dealt with quickly.