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DIAL: 0208 672 1255

BLEEP: 7064

Monday to Thursday 07:30 to 16:00 & Friday 10:00 to 16:00:

Your call will be answered by the Pelvic CNS (Simon Smith)

All other times (& when the Pelvic CNS is on leave):

Your call will be answered by the On-call T&O team

Your referral will then be discussed & vetted & you will be asked to complete a referral proforma in FULL electronically.

A copy of the up to date proforma can be sent to you, as needed.

Your fully completed referral should then be sent as an attachment to:


The list below denotes patients who ARE NOT suitable for tertiary referral.

1)        Polytrauma / Major Trauma triggering secondary transfer process

2)        Haemodynamic instability due to pelvic / acetabular injuries

3)        Neurological instability due to pelvic / acetabular injuries

4)        Irreducible or unreduced hip dislocations

5)        Open pelvic fractures (urological, gynaecological, perineal, colorectal, abdominal, groin or buttock soft tissue trauma resulting from pelvic injury)

6)        Open book pelvic fractures

7)        Vertical shear pelvic fractures

These groups require urgent transfer to YOUR designated Major Trauma Centre (please be aware that this may not be St. George’s Hospital).

The Pelvic Team, led by the Pelvic CNS, will then pick up, review, action & officially respond in writing (using our existing outcome proforma to ensure a detailed plan is communicated) to all referrals, usually with 72 hours.